The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is changing its thoughts on vegan dog foods!

At the beginning of last year, the BVA just did not now how to respond to the increased interest in dogs being fed a vegan/vegetarian diet. They were against it, but they were beginning to look at evidence and they still felt that they needed more studies before supporting it.

It’s such great news as how things have changed a year later!

Interestingly, it is published studies done at Illinois University using fresh wholefood plant-based diets in dogs that have resulted in the BVA changing their thoughts on feeding dogs a nutritionally balanced vegan diet!

They have now formed a Companion Animal Feeding Working Group, and BVA senior vice-president Justine Shotton has now said that: “There is a lot of ongoing research and scientific interest in the field of vegan dog diets, and this paper adds to the body of evidence supporting its benefits.

As an evidence-based organisation, BVA will follow and assess all emerging evidence regarding vegan, as well as other, novel diets through our recently convened companion animal feeding working group.”

A spokesperson for the new working group has said that – “The working group comprises a range of veterinary nutrition experts, and has been set up to develop BVA’s position on diet choices for cats and dogs, addressing nutrition, animal welfare, sustainability and public health. The work is expected to be completed early next year.”

By 2024, we should have even more evidence-based medicine put forward showing the benefits of plant-based feeding of our pets, giving even more reason for the BVA to change their thinking. It is very likely that top vet nutritionist in the UK Dr Marge Chandler, will be chosen to be in the new working group. She responded so enthusiastically to the evidence of benefits to plant-based feeding put forward by Dr Arielle at the Glasgow Vet School Nutrition Symposium, and she was very critical of the evidence put forward by raw vet who spoke after Dr Arielle…..this too shows such promise!

It is all such good news for the future of feeding our dogs a balanced and healthy plant-based diet, if it is finally endorsed by the BVA with all the overwhelming evidence put forward mainly by Prof Knight, but also by studies done by Dr Sarah Dodd in Canada and Prof Swanson from the University of Illinois.

“The trends of vegan foods and human grade foods are increasing for dogs. One thing to remember is that animals don’t have ingredient requirements, they have nutrient requirements.  As long as they’re consuming the essential nutrients in the correct amounts and ratios, dogs can be vegan, vegetarian, or meat-eaters.”

Prof Kelly Swanson, Professor of Animal and Nutritional Sciences, University of Illinois. Read more here…..

BVA changing views on vegan dog food as mentioned in Vet Times May 23
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“As a vet, I believe in a kinder, healthier way to feed our pets that does no damage to our environment, harms no animals and uses fresh, healthy plant-based ingredients for a balanced and delicious diet”

Arielle Vegan Vet

“If nobody changes then nothing changes but if somebody changes then everything changes!”

Arielle Vegan Vet

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