Prof Andrew Knight, who works as a Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics; has shown through the overwhelming evidence from studies done on thousands of dogs in the UK and in the US, as well as numerous Master’s Theses, that dogs will not only live longer, but also be healthier when fed a nutritionally balanced vegan dog food diet.

The Vet Times published these important findings on the front page of the July issue of the Vet Times magazine, with such an encouraging response from the BVA, that they are now having to change their stance on vegan dog food diets and reconsider their importance regarding all this evidence.

Vet Times Article stating that vegan dogs will live longer on a vegan diet

Vets and vet nurses are now eager to learn more about these important studies as the only knowledge they have about vegan dog food diets, is that there may be a link between vegan dog food grain free diets, and dogs developing DCM (dilated cardiomyopathy).

This article will explain why there is little to no risk of DCM in properly formulated grain free vegan dog food diets compared to meat-based grain free dog foods or non-supplemented raw food diets.

Vet and Beagle discussing DCM and vegan diets to an owner with photos of canine hearts on the consulting room wall
Vet Jane asked this important question

“I am a UK practising vet and am considering moving my FN 4yo daxie on to vegan food. The reason for this is the article on the front of the Vet Times this week!
My main hesitation however is the link between grain free foods and DCM in dogs and was wondering what your thoughts are on this as I noted that many of the foods are also grain free.
Would very much appreciate your thoughts.”

just be kind vegan dogs
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