This title was used in an article in the Vet Record where they quoted what I sent in to them about these new regulations. Read the full published article by clicking on this link.

Changes in pet travel requirements from UK to the EU have changed since Brexit.

There are the expected changes such as

At least 1 month in advance:
1. Ensure your dog has a current Rabies vaccination
2. Check that your dog’s microchip is working and registered
3. Check any special requirements for your specific trip with your vet

Within 10 days of travelling:
5. Vet visit to get the Animal Health Certificate for travel
6. Vet visit for outbound Tapeworm treatment for specific countries only (within 5 days of travel)

But there is one change that owners may be unaware of that needs careful planning – plan your dog’s food in advance!

Read article published in May issue of Vet Record about the new EU regualtions and taking dog food to the EU

With all the changes in regulations; personal imports of meat and milk or their derivative products are no longer allowed.

This means that you cannot take any types of dog food or dog treats containing meat or meat derivatives from the UK into another EU country except where a special pet feed is required for medical reasons (and then only if weighing less than 2 kilograms, the product does not require refrigeration before opening, and the food is a packaged proprietary brand product for direct sale to the final consumer, and the packaging is unbroken unless in current use).

If you try to take any dog food (wet, dry or other) that contains any form of meat or meat derivative from Great Britain into the EU, it is likely to be confiscated and your dog may go very hungry until you find a supermarket as explained in this post!

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This new ruling was brought to my attention when I started getting owners contact me who were planning in advance and wanted to transition their meat-eating dogs to a 100% plant-based dry food and tinned food diet prior to their holidays.

Border terrier Digger who needs to go onto a vegn dog food diet prior to travel to the EUDigger was one of the lucky ones who is going to accompany his retired owners on a campervan touring holiday to Norway in the summer. He has always been on a chicken and rice diet as he suffers from seizures and Border Terrier cramps made worse if he eats any grains in his diet.

His diligent owners organised a teleconsult with me to ensure that he gets the right level of nutrients and continues to be fed a grain-free and balanced plant-based diet prior to their touring holiday.

Thankfully he likes the Solo Vegetal tinned food that I recommended and it means that they are able to travel stress free knowing that he can still eat healthily, they are abiding by all the regulations….and by far the most important – that he can enjoy his holiday too with food that he enjoys eating!

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