In January 2020, we had the devastating fires in Australia that showed us the start of climate changes we were to expect. In July 2021, parts of Europe and China were devastated by floods, and Canada experienced the hottest weather ever recorded. Yes, climate change is a threat, but there is always hope!

David Attenborough quoted with enormous passion that “Human beings have overrun the world. We’re replacing the wild with the tame,” while another of his quotes says “I don’t think we are going to become extinct. We are very clever and very resourceful.”

I believe that we can be very clever and very resourceful together and as pet lovers and nature lovers, let us look after this beautiful planet of ours and play our own very large part by taking small steps and turning both ourselves and our pets onto a sustainable plant-based diet.


burnt baby kangaroo on a fence from Australian bushfires
flood waters in Germany with GSD watching

A change to a plant-based diet for both us and our pets means that we can greatly reduce our carbon emissions and allow for land and water used to feed intensively farmed livestock, to be used productively and sustainably. Not only are we being kind to our own pets by feeding them plant-based, but we are being kind to the farm animals and birds we love so much as well as to our planet.

We can work on this together – we are all in this together!

Please watch this Ted Talk – it is so inspiring and filled me with such enormous hope when everyone in the room stood up – goodness how true Cameron Hepburn’s words are –

“Small interventions can trigger a massive change”

As nature and pet lovers, let us be the ones in the room who stand up first and trigger that change!

just be kind vegan dogs
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