vegan dogsWe all know the importance of dental health; and choosing to feed your dog plant-based is one step to ensuring that they have both healthy teeth and gums.

Any painful gum infections or tartar build up can impact so much on your dog’s overall quality of life, but also on their general health where bacteria in the gums could enter the blood stream if those gums are badly inflamed, and result in heart or kidney disease that may end up irreversible.

I see it time and time again in elderly pets with sore, red gums and smelly tartar-coated teeth from years of eating scraps and licking the plates of owners at the end of meals that are full of sugar-laden sauces and foods (yes, we are as guilty of this as any family!)


Vegan vet's dog Ruff with very bad dental tartar before a dental and going plant-based!A simple solution to preventing this, is to feed plant-based and brush their teeth each night. We do it with Ruff, as being a stray, he had very bad teeth (photo showing his ‘sore’ side before  having a dental and going plant-based).

He does not particularly like having his teeth brushed – we use logic gel (contains enzymes and is flavoured but no animal proteins in it) and a soft toothbrush, but we make it into such a fun game that he sits patiently and then gets SO excited about his reward – a Veggiedent dental chew!

We have reviewed the main plant-based dental chews available that we recommend that are affordable and as ‘natural’ as they can be (for a treat!) as well as effective to help clean the teeth.

There are some that we do not recommend too below.

heart16 year old Border Terrier Nancy’s owner noticed an amazing result after transitioning her from meat-based to a wholesome plant-based diet:
Her teeth have self-cleaned! Since being very young, Nancy has had a tartar problem. We have tried brushing and other solutions, but we realised one day that (after transitioning) something about the diet seemed to be cleaning up her teeth!

We have reviewed some dental chews below that we recommend and have used

soopa dental chews


Soopa are a dedicated plant-based company in Ireland and we are very happy with the ‘superfood’ ingredients in their dental chews. They are popular, but the chews do not last very long.

Lily's Kitchen Woofbrush

Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrushes

Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrushes have a spongey texture to get down to the gumline and supposedly wipe away plaque. We have not tried them, but many of our plant-based dogs seem to love them.

pawtato dog chews

Benevo Sweet Pawtato Knots

Recommended sweet potato & rice based knot-shaped chews from Pawtato! Reasonably priced and sustainable company.

veggie dent chews

Veggie Dent Chews

We use these chews on Ruff – he loves them and although flat, they do last for a while. More expensive than other brands, but only plant-based dental chews that are vet recommended.

whimzees plant-based dog chews


Whimzees are very reasonably priced and made in Holland. They have natural ingredients and last a long time.

Edgard Cooper Apple and Eucalyptus Oil

Edgard Cooper Apple & Eucalyptus

I met the 2 young owners of Edgard Cooper at a pet convention. Their business is primarily meat-based but they have very good branding so these chews are popular. This is one sustainable product that they make in non-sustainable packaging but with good ingredients

We have reviewed some dental chews below that have a warning, but are still fine to use as shown below

Pawtato mint and parsley tubes dental treats for vegan dogs

Benevo Pawtato Tubes with Mint & Parsley

These tubes are very reasonably priced with healthy ingredients, but we have tried them on Ruff and although they last a long time, due to their tube shape, they get caught in your dog’s teeth as happened with our little Ruff! He then chose to leave it so it must have hurt his gums!

Goodwood natural wood chew

GoodWood Chewable Stick Coffee Tree Wood

Instead of feeding bones, we want to allow our plant-based dogs the enjoyment of chewing, and these natural wood coffee tree posts are very popular. The only concern that we have with them, is that your dog (especially if young), may not differentiate between the natural wood stick he is allowed to chew and the expensive dining room table leg!

The dental treat below IS NOT RECOMMENDED!

Antos antler dog chews

Antos Antler Dog Chew

Please DO NOT feed these antler chews to your dog. I have seen first hand the damage that these very hard chews do to your dog’s teeth as dogs can fracture their molars when chewing them! I even had a Staffy with the strongest jaw who had a fractured and very painful molar from being given an antler chew, so not to give to your dog.

just be kind vegan dogs
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