None of us want our dogs to be stressed – there is nothing worse than seeing them anxious and unhappy as they hide from a noise that they cannot control. The normal scenario for our dogs is to respond to noises that they can react to and this forms part of their routine such as the doorbell going where they bark happily to alert us and feel like they have played their role in protecting us from strangers at the family door.

hiding dog

When the noises are erratic and unexpected, there is no control and this results in extreme stress in our more sensitive dogs. Like many of us, our dogs are natural empaths with acutely sensitive reactions to loud noises, friction in the home, a change in routine. It is so important that we do not fuss them and stroke them when the fireworks and noise starts. (Yes I find it as hard as you do to ignore our little Ruff at this time)

They will sponge all our emotions as they normally do and react with even more anxiety if they pick up our stress through us constantly stroking and trying to reassure them. Far more helpful is to let them choose where to hide and allow them to find a safe den where they can deal with their own feelings of anxiety instead of taking on ours too.

Dr Marc Abrahams MBE (a wonderful advocate of plant-based feeding of our pets in the UK) gives us some advice in the video below on how to build a den.

just be kind vegan dogs
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