Hopefully you have watched the fascinating Gamechangers documentary on Netflix that took the UK by storm at the end of 2019. The very motivated athlete James Wilks proved how beneficial a plant-based diet was to the recovery and performance of top athletes. His filming over many years and research into this topic has really proved to be a ‘Gamechanger’ and makes for ‘positive viewing’.

(I do confess to not being able to watch certain documentaries for their very graphic and disturbing content – visually it affects me for days afterwards seeing animals being tortured; but Gamechangers is quite different and so motivating).

James Wilks from Gamechangers

Well…….we are so proud to say that our little unit that we hire to hold all the high quality dog food,homemade treats and supplements, is owned by none other than the wonderful and very dignified Gary Wilks – James Wilks’ Dad who features in Gamechangers as a change later in life to a vegan diet when he suffered from cancer made all the difference.

We love seeing him on a daily basis (his office is nextdoor to our unit), and I always make a point to ask how his inspirational son James is. He lives in LA (far from little rural Melton Mowbray!), and his success in promoting the plant-based movement continues as he gained the contract this year to have his film featured on China’s Netflix equivalent. That means adding it onto a viewing capacity of a few more million people – what a difference that will make to the wonderful message he is conveying!

On another note; we find it very ironical that our little unit is also situated right nextdoor to the Mars factory in Melton Mowbray – home to everything unhealthy and non-sustainable in the UK – Maltesers, Dove, Galaxy, Twix, Whiskas, Uncle Ben’s Rice, Pedigree, Royal Canin, Skittles and Twix!!!

just be kind vegan dogs
We feature on BBC Live!

We feature on BBC Live!

The more we feature and spread our message, the greater the impact we will have with promoting the healthiest and certainly the kindest way to feed our pets today and in the future!

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