As so many studies have already shown, dogs can easily digest starch (i.e. the plant-based carbohydrate storage unit). They even produce the enzyme in their mouths to begin the digestive process – we are quite sure that many of you have seen the long strings of saliva hanging from your dog’s mouth when they smell something irresistible?

The rest of the starches can then be processed in your dog’s small intestine. Calculations have revealed that they can digest about 99 % of plant-based starch if provided to them in a suitable form.

Dogs can digest starches

It is so important to blend or carefully mash any homemade food that is fed to your dog to ensure that all valuable nutrients can be absorbed adequately.

A fascinating study proved how mutations in key genes occurred allowing increased starch digestion in dogs relative to wolves. These results indicate that early ancestors of modern dogs could thrive on a diet rich in starch which was a crucial step in the early domestication of dogs (interesting reading if you required further proof that dogs digest starches).

So please don’t worry about feeding your dog a purely plant-based. As always, the key is a balance of nutrients and taste to keep your dogs healthy and happy!

We are here to support and encourage you every step of the way!

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