Dearest little Pedro and Marvin (with 3 legs) from Belfast really love their homemade umami recipe biscuits. Their Mum Dionne from Belfast has this to say about them:

pedro and marvin vegan dogs“Marvin was picked up as a stray by a local dog pound and the front leg was badly injured, they think he had been hit by a car. The pound tried to save the leg using a splint but in the end they removed the leg and neutered him during the same operation.

A local animal shelter rescued him from the pound and he stayed with them for about 6 months with very little interest as he was missing the leg. I had a wee 3 legged Jack Russell growing up, we lost her about a year and a half before we saw the pictures of Marvin on the rescue’s website and we instantly knew we had to adopt him.

My partner and I were warned by the shelter to not let his big sad eyes fool us but 6 years later they still do lol.

Marvin loves his comforts, we have an electric blanket on our sofa and he constantly plonks himself there for most of the day. He’s a big fan of anything that squeaks and usually destroys his toys in a matter of seconds. His arch nemesis is the poor post man lol.

We’ve had Pedro about 4 years now and we’ve really no idea about his background. He was a very frightened dog and would constantly growl, snarl and show his teeth even if you just walked into a room. We arranged for a dog psychologist to see him just before Christmas and with the help of constant treats he’s doing much better. I think the umameo recipe will be a favourite in our house.

Pedro just loves being outside, he regularly goes after spicy flies (bees) but thankfully they’re too quick for him. He’s very stealth and we learned very quickly not to turn our back on our dinner plates lol. He enjoys getting into bed for morning snuggles.

They are both on grain-free James Wellbeloved mature at the minute. Marvin is pretty much allergic to everything although he’s doing really well and hasn’t been on any medication for his skin in about 2 years. Pedro also has stomach problems so we’re hoping the switch to a vegan diet will only be positive for them both.

I’m so sorry for writing such a long email, I could talk about the 2 of them all day lol.”

Dionne kindly sent us some videos below of the boys enjoying their food and then the ‘aftermath’ as she calls it with Marvin licking his slow feeder clean!

just be kind vegan dogs
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