The Co-op produces the most delicious plant-based burgers. They are honestly as tasty as the ‘real’ thing! We cook them wrapped in some foil in the oven so they cook in their healthy juices, and then serve in a bun with vegan melted cheese, sliced tomato and some avocado – delicious! Ruff shares in them too (in moderation as they do contain some onions).

Our only concern as a family came from reading the small print. We were not happy to see that the ingredient list included palm oil.

Co-op incredible vegan burgers

With this in mind, we considered not buying them, until we found an article that was SO reassuring that we had to share it with you – This article shows that the Co-operative Group UK is leading the way on the palm oil buyers scorecard.

Why a Scorecard for Palm Oil? According to the WWF

“In the ten years that have passed since WWF first did a Scorecard, whilst brands have continued to profit from the palm oil industry, the continued occurrence of the burning of forests and peatlands for palm oil expansion is a reminder that their actions still fall short of what is needed to deliver a responsible, sustainable palm oil industry.

As we enter a new decade, there is no greater urgency than now for companies to step up to act immediately. With there being more ways in which brands can support a better industry than ever before, this Scorecard is a timely and much-needed assessment of companies’ actions taken on their own supply chain and beyond to support the wider industry, moving companies from mere risk mitigation for their own supply chain towards being pro-environment and pro-people.”

We feel enormously reassured by this website and will continue to enjoy the Co-op burgers as a family.

just be kind vegan dogs
Dogs CAN digest starches

Dogs CAN digest starches

Calculations have revealed that dogs can digest about 99 % of plant-based starch if provided to them in a suitable form

Vegdog All-In-Veluxe Supplement and Recipes COMING SOON!

Vegdog All-In-Veluxe Supplement and Recipes COMING SOON!

We are so excited to not only be the importers of Vegdog Green Crunch to the UK, but we are working with their vet nutritionist Lisa Walther who formulated VEGDOG”s All-In-Veluxe Supplement to produce UK easy and 100% balanced delicious recipes

We just need to stop eating animals

We just need to stop eating animals

As a small business, we will do all we can to continue to promote the nourishment of our pets with wholesome, clean and nutritious plant-based foods that hold no dangers of causing a second pandemic.

Interview with Dr Ernie Ward

Interview with Dr Ernie Ward

So if you’re concerned about your pet food safety, let’s go plant-based. If you’re concerned about the carbon pawprint of your pet, then let’s go plant-based. If you’re concerned about your pet….

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Have you considered plant-based dog food?