Inspiration for continuing in my quest to find the perfect solution to end the slaughter of so many innocent animals as well as look after the future health of the planet by pushing a vegan diet not just for ourselves but for our dogs too has for me as a vet come from some unlikely sources.

My biggest inspiration comes from the likes of the 2 generations – Sir David Attenborough with his wealth of experience and wordly knowledge, and the lovely Greta Thunberg with her passionate plea to just change how we all think.

When Mr Green walked into my consulting room today with his adored Oliver, I couldn’t help but class him as one of my great inspirations with his genuine concern.

Dog and elderly owner in consult room of vegan vet

Oliver came in as Mr Green was concerned about some lumps on his chest that had developed. After a thorough inspection of the elderly Oliver, I was confidently able to reassure Mr Green that the lumps were purely fatty and had the distinctive feel of lipomas. He was relieved and knew that the fault lay with him as he liked to treat Oliver.

When I mentioned that he could use vegetables as treats – pieces of apple, carrots and sweet red pepper, he was very interested as he told me how he was 84 years old and had been a vegetarian for 20 years. He said how he felt that farmers had lost their ability to see the animals they tended as ‘animals’ and instead only viewed them as profit and this disregard for sentient beings and our greed for wanting to constantly eat meat had been the change he made in his life at the good age of 64. His eating had inspired “5 out of 6 of his grandchildren to follow in his footsteps and stop eating meat”, he proudly added.

I felt so humbled by his honesty and integrity and asked him if he didn’t mind me taking a photo and writing about him where I would class him amongst the same inspiring people I write about in this Blog such as Sir David Attenborough!

just be kind vegan dogs
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