Whether you are an athlete or not and you care about your own health, your families’ health, the planet’s health and your pet’s health; the Netflix new sensation documentary – Gamechangers is a must watch!

It finally puts into perspective why we all fall into the trap of believing that lean meat, fish and chicken are good for us and are the only source of protein that is balanced. FINALLY WE HAVE SCIENCE TO PROVE THAT EATING WHAT WE FEED THESE ANIMALS IS FAR HEALTHIER FOR US THAN FEEDING OFF THEIR MUSCLE!!

The other issue that is fascinating in this documentary that almost mirrors the pet food dilemma that we find ourselves in, is the issue where big marketing makes us believe what they know will sell. Even though it has been proven that animal meat is unhealthy for us (and our pets), we are bombarded with big corporate advertising making us believe that we have to feed their food, or even worse, we are made to believe that feeding raw meat is good for our pets!!

The whole ethos behind saving species that are going extinct as shown in the documentary where a passionate wildlife supporter is protecting the white rhino from extinction is what we believe in and support. By decreasing farming practices for livestock (to feed our millions of pets too), we can all play a part in saving animals that may go extinct and not be there for our grandchildren to see.

We do also truly believe that plant based nutrients are far more beneficial than animal muscle as they form the basis of where the animals get all their amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from. A plant based diet not just for our own families, but for our extended family members – our pets is the way of the future and needs to be embraced straight away as we want each one of our pets around for as long as possible!

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