A very dear and very wise schoolfriend now living in Australia, sent me this quote today. I love it as it epitomises what we should all be striving for!

My journey to find the ideal balanced plant-based food for our little dog has been fraught with stress as my husband (also a vet but also a complete perfectionist) is in denial with the fact that not only have I turned vegan, but that I am feeding our dear little Ruff a plant-based diet.

I am such a people-pleaser and I only feel truly at peace when there is harmony in my immediate family and this change in our lifestyle has caused friction and stress.

This reaction has also come from some of my closest friends and colleagues, who upon hearing from me that not only have I turned vegan, but so too have I started our little Ruff on a plant-based diet; suddenly go quiet and cold. I am not good at proving my point, so I tend to change the subject, but I so hope that with time and proof, everyone will see how sustainable and healthy it is for not only us, but also for our trusting beloved pets to eat a purely plant-based food too!

But I am so determined and so focussed that my husband and friend’s scepiticism has only lit the flames of my passion and drive to prove that it is possible and it is the healthiest way to feed our pets…..and we can do something to save our planet and end extra slaughter of the animals we love so much by not feeding them to our pets! The journey to finding the perfect balanced vegan homemade diet has been made possible by just listening to my clients and learning from them what their pets like and dislike, as well as doing every single veterinary nutrition course that I can! This in itself has been a fascinating life-changing journey as I have adapted what I have learnt to our own diets and behaviours.

Our children are fully supportive and together we so hope that our knowledge will prove to you that it is all feasible and healthy to change the way you feed your much-loved dogs.

just be kind vegan dogs
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