Supergreens Kale and Spinach


Cooked kale is a powerhouse of nutrients and an essential addition to our plant-based dogs’ diets. Cooked kale offers more iron per ounce than beef (!) and it has one of highest sources of calcium of all the greens – and it tastes great once cooked! It’s name ‘kale’ is actually derived from the word calcium – further proof of how nutritious kale is – it certainly is a superfood!

Kale is also a powerhouse of vitamins and the perfect food to feed your ageing pets and delay doggy dementia. It is full of antioxidants (lutein and zeaxanthin), Vitamin C, Vitamin C and Zinc – all of these help reduce the risk of cataracts and failing eyesight in your elderly pets which means you have your dog recognising and responding to you for much longer than a dog not fed this superfood!


An Easy Kale Recipe

This very easy recipe is so delicious and healthy for you and your dog – Simply mix a little oil to some kale that you have boiled or steamed for 2 minutes. Lay it out in a roasting tin and cover with nutritional yeast. Bake for 30 minutes until leaves are crunchy and serve – even fussy dogs will not even notice that they are eating their greens!

Fresh Herbs

If you have homegrown greens on your window sill or in your garden, it is highly recommended that you use these freshly chopped into the nutrient rich ‘icing’ containing the oils and supplement in our homemade recipes.  Parsley and basil are ideal, full of natural anti-inflammatories and are also classed as supergreens.

Supergreens Kale and Spinach vegan dog food
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