How wonderful to receive an e-mail with the title “Vegan Dog Food Success” followed by a photo of the sweetest Cairn Terrier Lhotse (those ears!!) and a review from her Mum…..

Hi Arielle,

Just wanted to email you to say thanks for championing and selling vegan dog food, and all the information you provide that helped me be confident in the switch. We are slowly transitioning Lhotse, a five year old small fiercely independent Cairn Terrier, to Green Crunch, and she loves it.

She normally goes for new food wholeheartedly for a few weeks, then gets a bit of an upset tummy one day (probably from eating something in the garden rather than her food giving her a problem!) and won’t touch whatever she’s been eating ever again.

Vegan Terrier Lhotse with gorgeous spikey fur

The same has happened as we’ve transitioned her, but she keeps coming back to her Green Crunch every meal. She also has changed temperament – she is calmer overall – and has a lovely soft coat. Her poos are much less horrible smelling!

We’re extremely happy to not have to deal with meat any more, as vegans ourselves, and it has freed up a big space in the freezer where her raw mince used to be. 100% success.

Thanks so much, Morgan

“If nobody changes then nothing changes but if somebody changes then everything changes!”

Arielle Vegan Vet

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