Little rescue Jack Russell Terrier has a fascinating journey of undergoing a complete behaviour change on a 100% homemade plant-based diet. He used to suffer from so many anxieties on a meat-based diet where he constantly suffered from itchy ears which led him to show aggression towards other dogs as well as constantly biting and chewing at his paws.

The change seen in him on a balanced homemade diet which Teddy’s Mum cooks diligently for him are life-changing not just for Teddy, but for his whole family too.

Here are her words and please listen to such an interesting interview below where the whole family has shared in Teddy’s experience as it has affected all of them SO positively –

Teddy vegan Jack Russell

“Teddy is 3 years old now. I got him at 4 months old – he was 1 of 4 pups taken to our animal rescue due to the lady being made homeless. He was very aggressive towards people and other dogs on walks when we first had him, and he was very scared of loud noises or new areas.

He also suffered from itchy skin with constant ear problems, diarrhoea and so many vet visits (which he was also very scared of). Luckily I found you and your website online, and I decided to try Teddy on a plant-based diet as you made me feel in safe hands with doing it.

The difference in him is amazing! He loves playing with nearly every dog he meets now (he has a group of friends). He is so calm now that he goes to people instead of fearing them, and energy……well,  he walks and runs for hours every day!

Also instead of going to the vet with his ears every few months, he has been twice in over 12 months as all the itching stopped on his new food (which he loves)

All I can say is thank you Arielle – thank you so much” x

Listen to Teddy’s transformation in the video below:

just be kind vegan dogs
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