Our Umami Homemade Family Recipe

As long as you weigh everything, you will have it 100% balanced. We have worked out exactly how much your dog needs of each ingredient, so please see the bottom of this page below the images for quantities. Depending on your dog’s weight, our recipe makes enough to batch cook for 6 days, 3 days or 2 days.


Our Umami family homemade recipe

Our Umami Family Recipe


Cooked ingredients each carefully out weighed in grams specific to your dog

  • Quinoa – rinse well before cooking to remove bitterness
  • Frozen green peas
  • Chopped cauliflower, carrots and kale (celery can also be used)
  • Red lentils – soaked and rinsed 24 hours prior to cooking
  • Pasta (can also choose gluten free or rice pasta)


Nutrient rich icing also carefully weighed out



  • Weigh out the amount of red lentils needed (see amounts in tables below) the night before, rinse them and leave to soak
  • Weigh out the frozen peas, quinoa (rinse once weighed) and dry pasta and add to a large pot together with the soaked lentils
  • Chop the weighed amounts of carrots, cauliflower and kale
  • Remove woody stems from the kale
  • Add all vegetables to the pot
  • Cover with water and boil on the hob for 40 minutes
  • Turn on the oven to 180C
  • Drain the water but do not throw away, and mash or blend all ingredients well
  • Line a baking tray with baking paper and some coconut oil
  • Bake the mixture for 45 minutes
  • Once cooked, leave to cool on a drying rack with tray inverted so cooked area is on the base
  • The remaining drained water is nutrient rich and can be frozen in ice trays for future use or given to your dog to drink while still warm to not waste any nutrients


Nutrient rich icing:

  • Cut the tip off the algae capsule and squeeze out the contents
  • Weigh out the sunflower or rapeseed oil (in grams)
  • Weigh out the coconut, ground almonds and JUST BE KIND supplement
  • Chop fresh basil and parsley and add to the mixture with dried oregano
  • Mix together with a little oat milk or almond milk to form a paste
  • ONLY WHEN COMPLETELY COOLED, ice the top of the cooked food
  • Cut into squares and fold into ‘sandwiches’ with the icing in the centre
  • Place in biodegradable packaging or containers to freeze or refrigerate for each day’s use

Defrost overnight to feed in the morning to your dog.

For larger dogs and large quantities, you do NOT need to follow the baking step. Just feed the food mashed and divide into portions with the ‘icing’ in the next step on the top of the cooled portions (heating the ‘icing’ will destroy the valuable nutrients so always add the paste that is formed to the cooled mashed food).


Umami Recipe With Twist!

As dogs sometimes do not like the consistency of mashed food (similar to the consistency of mushy peas), to make it more palatable, we advise adding in AGAR AGAR powder that gives the food a slimy consistency, like tinned dog food. It is a healthy addition as it is fibre and adds to the essential gut microflora. It is made up by mixing 15g powder per 1kg cooked food that is boiled and allowed to cool and can then be mixed into the food. The nutrient rich ‘icing’ can then be added to the top of the food, or also mixed in, but ensure that the food is cold when added to retain vital nutrients.

Another option is to cook the pasta separately and use the blended food as a pasta blend as Billy’s owner has done in the image shown of gorgeous Labrador Billy. Look closely and see 2 long strings of saliva as he waits patiently to eat the healthy food that he just loves!


Billy salivating over his homecooked Umami wholefood meal!
Carefully weigh out the correct amount of frozen peas for your dog
Carefully weigh out the correct amount of dry red lentils for your dog
Carefully weigh out the correct amount of dry pasta for your dog
Chop and weigh out the correct amount of vegetables and add to the pot
Boil all ingredients together for an hour on the hob
Carefully mash or blend the food together
Bake in a preheated oven at 180C for 45 minutes on a lined baking tray (line with coconut oil)
Leave on a drying rack to cool fully and invert the baking tray
Carefully weigh out the ingredients for the high nutrient icing with the JUST BE KIND supplement
Only once fully cooled, 'ice' the nutrient rich mixture on the wet side of the baked food with the cooked side underneath
Carefully cut into equal portions to make enough for either 3 days or 2 days depending on the size of your dog
Fold the cut and iced portions to be in the centre and form 'sandwiches'
Package the portions into containers or biodegradable packaging
Place portions in the freezer to defrost overnight ready for each day
Irresistible to your dog!
Ruff LOVES his plant-based food

The tables below can only be viewed accurately on a laptop.
*If you wanted a printout tailormade to your dog of this recipe and another 4 delicious homemade recipes + JUST BE KIND supplement + other exciting extras, please fill out this form.*

Umami Recipe 1-9kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 6 DAYS

Ingredients for 6 days1kg2kg3kg4kg5kg6kg7kg8kg9kg 
Quinoa - dry weight15g20g40g50g75g90g100g100g125g
Frozen green peas100g100g150g150g200g250g300g300g350g
Cauliflower, carrots and kale100g200g300g400g500g550g650g750g850g
Red lentils - raw weight100g200g250g350g400g300g300g350g350g
Wholewheat pasta - dry weight50g100g150g200g250g250g250g300g300g
Number of omega 3 capsules112222222
Sunflower oil in g10g10g15g20g25g25g25g30g35g
Desiccated coconut5g10g20g20g20g20g20g30g40g
Ground almonds5g10g20g20g20g20g20g30g40g
JUST BE KIND supplement10g20g25g30g40g45g50g55g60g

Umami Recipe 10-19kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 3 DAYS

Ingredients for 3 days10kg11kg12kg13kg14kg15kg16kg17kg18kg19kg
Quinoa - dry weight75g20g40g50g75g90g100g100g125g125g
Frozen green peas180g200g200g250g250g300g300g300g300g350g
Cauliflower, carrots and kale400g350g350g400g450g450g500g550g550g600g
Red lentils - raw weight175g300g300g300g350g350g350g400g400g450g
Pasta - dry weight150g200g250g250g250g300g300g300g350g350g
Omega 3 capsules2222222333
Sunflower oil in g15g20g20g25g25g25g30g35g40g40g
Desiccated coconut20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g30g
Ground almonds20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g30g
JUST BE KIND supplement40g40g45g45g45g50g55g55g60g65g

Umami Recipe 20-29kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 3 DAYS

Ingredients for 3 days20kg21kg22kg23kg24kg25kg26kg27kg28kg29kgs
Quinoa - dry weight125g125g125g130g130g150g150g150g150g175g
Frozen green peas350g400g400g400g450g500g500g500g550g550g
Cauliflower, carrots and kale600g650g700g700g700g800g800g800g850g850g
Red lentils - raw weight450g450g500g500g500g500g500g500g500g500g
Wholewheat pasta - dry weight350g350g350g350g400g500g500g500g500g500g
Omega 3 capsules3333333444
Sunflower oil in grams35g40g40g40g45g50g50g55g55g55g
Desiccated coconut30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g
Ground almonds30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g30g
JUST BE KIND supplement60g60g60g60g65g65g70g70g75g75g

Umami Recipe 30-39kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 3 DAYS

Ingredients for every 3 days30kgs31kgs32kgs33kgs34kgs35kgs36kgs37kgs38kgs39kgs
Quinoa - dry weight175g175g180g180g180g180g180g180g200g200g
Frozen green peas550g550g550g550g550g550g600g600g600g600g
Cauliflower, carrots and kale850g850g850g850g850g850g850g850g850g900g
Red lentils - raw weight450g450g450g400g400g350g350g350g350g350g
Wholewheat pasta - dry weight500g450g450g450g450g450g450g450g450g450g
Omega 3 capsules4444455555
Sunflower oil in grams50g50g55g55g60g65g65g70g70g75g
Desiccated coconut30g30g30g35g35g40g40g40g40g40g
Ground almonds30g30g30g35g35g40g40g40g40g40g
JUST BE KIND supplement75g75g80g85g85g85g85g85g90g90g

Umami Recipe 40-49kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 2 DAYS

Ingredients for 2 days40kgs41kgs42kgs43kgs44kgs45kgs46kgs47kgs48kgs49kgs
Quinoa - dry weight125g125g150g150g150g150g150g150g150g150g
Frozen green peas400g400g400g400g400g450g450g450g450g450g
Cauliflower, carrots and kale600g650g650g700g700g700g700g750g750g800g
Red lentils - raw weight250g250g250g300g300g300g300g300g300g300g
Pasta - dry weight300g250g250g300g300g300g300g300g300g300g
Omega 3 capsules4444444444
Sunflower oil in grams45g45g50g50g50g55g55g60g60g65g
Desiccated coconut30g30g30g30g30g30g40g40g40g40g
Ground almonds30g30g30g30g30g30g40g40g40g40g
JUST BE KIND supplement70g70g70g70g70g70g75g75g80g80g

Umami Recipe 50-59kgs MAKES ENOUGH FOR 1 DAYS

Ingredients for 1 day50kgs51kgs52kgs53kgs54kgs55kgs56kgs57kgs58kgs59kgs60kgs
Quinoa - dry weight75g75g75g80g80g80g90g90g100g100g100g
Frozen green peas200g200g200g200g250g250g250g250g250g250g250g
Cauliflower, carrots & kale400g400g400g400g400g450g450g450g450g450g450g
Red lentils - raw weight150g150g150g200g200g200g200g200g200g200g200g
Pasta - dry weight150g150g150g200g200g200g200g200g200g200g200g
Omega 3 capsules22222222222
Sunflower oil in grams25g25g25g25g30g30g30g30g35g35g35g
Desiccated coconut20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g
Ground almonds20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g20g
JUST BE KIND supplement35g35g35g35g35g40g40g40g40g40g40g

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