“Hank has been doing amazingly well on the homemade food. His skin, coat, and energy levels have been great, and he absolutely loves the food.”
Shirley, Glasgow

Thanks for the package
We’ve tried the tins and both of the very picky poodles wolfed it down! Makes a change!
Best Chris”

Chris Packham

Sid and Nancy's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“We’re delighted to have transitioned our two rescue greyhounds (overnight!) onto a plant based diet thanks to Arielle, Vegan Vet. We obtained the supplements together with the recipes and we’re enjoying making the food and thrilled to watch April and June eating their meals with enthusiasm and licking their bowls clean. We are so grateful to have found a vegan vet and to have a professional fully embrace this lifestyle will hopefully bring credibility and encourage other professionals to investigate this compassionate option. Thank you!”

Cathy, Helensburgh

April and June's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“He absolutely loves the food, by the way. His relationship with food has completely changed (there’s a lot more begging for food now, which we’ve never really known!), he’s rarely sick and the shuddering which suggested some GI discomfort has completely stopped. He maintains his weight well now and looks in great condition, so thank you. Looking forward to our next delivery of Solo-Vegetal and to homecooking for Baxter.”

Gareth, Birmingham

Baxter's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

” I just wanted to let you know that yesterday was Jeffrey, Peggy and Betty’s first full vegan day.
They all seem to really enjoy their homemade food. Success, the food no longer ends up on the floor around their bowl, Peggy even chomps down on her vegetables quite happily.
Also, not a runny poo in sight and the dreaded occasional ‘bum smell’ from anal glands seems to have disappeared too. The photo shows the 3 of them, heads down, bums up, even Jeffrey (the fawn one) who is as picky as they come!”

Sandra, County Durham

Jeffrey, Betty and Peggy's Mum

just be kind vegan dogs

“I cannot recommend this food highly enough! This vegan vet really knows her stuff, and the recipes, nutritional info, and supplements have been so helpful to me and my dogs. They absolutely love the food and their overall health and energy levels have never been better.”

Shirley, Glasgow

Hank's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“Thank you so much for giving me the confidence, via your products and website, to change our two dogs Rosie and Cara diet to a vegan one.
I started off slowly maybe 2 months ago replacing their normal meat diet and they have both been non meat now for about 4 weeks.
They have also been having been having Green Crunch and some tinned food. They now prefer your homemade recipe to the tinned variety so I am going to continue with Umami and Green Crunch.
Healthwise they appear much the same, their coats though are much finer and soft! “

Owen, Bristol

Rosie and Cara's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“My dog suffers from ibd and pancreatitis. The only food that suits her is a feather vet diet which we both hate. Although the vet I use has warned me about vegan diets she says we have to try. I’m happy that I am getting good nutrition advice from vegan vet, so her worries are not necessary. Great service so far with adaptations given to suit my dog more. Very personalised. Five star service.”


Fudge's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“Thanks so much for the pack to make the wonderful treats. After hearing what goes into his usual treat for breakfast we decided it was time to swop the junk food for something really healthy.

Jumble absolutely loves them in fact he was sitting waiting as soon as we started cooking. He is super excited about his new breakfast snack and is looking super shiny!

The recipe was really easy and so we want to continue this new healthy and tasty habit so we can have him as long as we can – he is already 8 so hopefully eating more healthy food will help stay fit for longer!”

Clare Knottenbelt BVSc MSc DSAM MRCVS

Vet and Jumble's Owner, Hawk and Dove Veterinary Oncology Referral Service

just be kind vegan dogs

“I never thought I would be so pleased that Bea could get on the settee, she hadn’t done it for at least 12 months!
She is now fully vegan but the only challenge I have now is portion sizes with the homemade food and Umameo treats as she loves both!”

Sue, Preston

Bea's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“Yes I undoubtedly would recommend this food. The food along with the recipes are so easy to make . My dog loves it. I feel very confident she is getting all that she needs to thrive. This vet is so helpful and knowledgeable I feel very safe in her hands. I wish I had had her advice when I was first transitioning my 30kg dog as it’s quite scary and you only want the best for them. My dog is thriving I’m so glad I came across this wonderful website! Just be kind to your dog other animals and the planet!”

Zoë, West Sussex

Dora's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“Very helpful and I am confident that my dog has all the nutrients required in my home cooking. I usually added lots of nutrients myself but the supplement powder saves buying lots of items.
My Rocco has just sampled Umameo biscuit treats and he’s back for more!
I have also highlighted this small, independent business run by Vegan Vet on a vegan pet FB page. I’m happy to have directed customers to them.”


Rocco's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“Moopy loves it! I’ve just made up a batch of the umami recipe. He’s normally quite a picky / fussy eater but he finished and then looked at me for more!”

Charlie, Aberdeen

Moopy's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“The Umameo treats have made an amazing difference to my parent’s dog in just 5 days. He has a tendency to itchy skin and so needed a hypoallergenic diet for years but recently has not been wanting to eat. The plant-based treats have been amazing – he loves them and now is back to eating properly!”

Clare, Glasgow

Kenzo's Family

just be kind vegan dogs
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