Aren't dogs supposed to eat meat?

Fantastic initiative and supporting worthy cause for All Animals 💚

Sue Beattie 20th April 2020

Thank you for your kindness and understanding. You have helped me move forward in helping my dog. I trust this is the start of big changes.

Deborah Seymour 9th April 2020

Fantastic, at long last a vet that supports plant based feeding for dogs in the UK! Brilliant and wishing you the best of luck and every success in your ethical and wonderful business. All animals deserve our compassion and respect – thank you for supporting this and making this vegan very happy!

Clare Knottenbelt 5th April 2020

Great to see you developing this fantastic food – can’t wait to try it on those itchy dogs that are so challenging to feed

Tamasin maccarthy 4th April 2020

PLEASE SEND MY REWARD TO HEARTSTONE VEGANIC MICROSANCTUARY. Co. SLIGO, IRELAND x Ps, fantastic product idea – been vegan for over 30 years and so hard to find good vegan pet food – cat food next?!💚

Kristen Butler 3rd April 2020

Thanks for providing this option, properly balanced and supplemented homemade has got to be so much healthier than kibble. Also thanks for supporting Heartstone, Nia is a star, I have never met a more dedicated person for the animals.

Melanie dobson 3rd April 2020

To support a very special friend who has only true integrity and insight into animals people and whats best for our planet xxx

Laura Clarke 2nd April 2020

I really support the development of the vegan protein formula for dogs. My dog loved the biscuits made with it and Arielle has given me tons of advice. So refreshing when I normally get frowned upon for wanting to feed my dog a plant based diet.

Marie 1st April 2020

Our dog is thriving on this food – he just loves it and his coat has never been shinier! Thank you xx

John spearing 31st March 2020

I was surprised to see how much both. the dogs enjoy this food. The packaging is minimal and the recipe is simple and easy to follow. I have had to invest in a third baking sheet so that we don’t have to bake in batches.

Wendy Faux 30th March 2020

Arielle, this is such a great idea. It will appeal to so many. Get out there & be that determined business woman you are. I hope you have many more supporters.

kristina Harris 22nd March 2020

Happy to back such a wonderful, kind and ethical business, we hope you grow so that others can learn how much kindness is key!

Veronique Parkin 22nd March 2020

What an amazing initiative. You definitely have my support and I wish you everything of the best as you make our pets healthier and happier!

Tracy Mills 19th March 2020

Wishing you all the success in this. Hoping it helps the Animal world have a healthier & less impact on the environment food source. Good Luck

Clare Henderson 17th March 2020

It’s fantastic to see people trying to find ways to keep our planet healthy, to cut back on the number of animals being slaughtered and to top it all finding something that will make our pets healthy too. Keep up the great work

Kate Ive 16th March 2020

I have a dog who appears to be allergic to virtually all conventional dog food and is on Apoquel permanently. I’m looking forward to trying this to see if we can resolve the issue.


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