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6kg’s of protein pack has arrived at Hank and Luna’s home as shown below. See how sweet they both are with the delivery and how Hank signals to his Mum Shirley to begin cooking for him!

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“Thanks so much for the sample of your protein pack. It arrived last week and we immediately set to and made a batch of wonderful treats. After hearing what goes into his usual treat for breakfast we decided it was time to swop the junk food for something really healthy. Jumble absolutely loves them in fact he was sitting waiting as soon as we started cooking.

He is super excited about his new breakfast snack and is looking super shiny! The recipe was really easy and so we want to continue this new healthy and tasty habit so we can have him as long as we can – he is already 8 so hopefully eating more healthy food will help stay fit for longer!”

Clare Knottenbelt BVSc MSc DSAM MRCVS

Vet and Jumble's Owner, Hawk and Dove Veterinary Oncology Referral Service

just be kind vegan dogs

Dearest Dora (in her owner’s words); is a Newfoundland/Poodle mix and gorgeous with it. I think she’s blessed with the best of both breeds. Clever ( a bit too clever) stubborn and very funny. And always wet and muddy!

“Just wanted to let you know your Umami recipe with the protein pack is going down a treat.
Dora is loving it!
It was very easy to make…. I might need a bigger pan next time.
Your second recipe Feed the 🌈 Rainbow was just as successful as the first. Super easy to make in the pressure cooker and Dora loves it. Thank you very much!”

Zoë, West Sussex

Dora's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

I’m vegan and I hate to feed my dogs meat I want to start Peter on a Vegan diet

Many thanks for sending the protein powder. I made the Umameo biscuits as per your instructions, this morning and the dogs say “thank you very much, we love them!”

Lucy, Kingsbridge Devon

Peter's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

“We are on the second batch of food now and Hank loves it as much as the first, as does his little sister Luna! I have been giving her a small amount mixed with Ami Dog Vegan kibble as she doesn’t have allergies, but eventually I’d like to transition them both to the homemade food completely.
I’m writing to give you an update on Hank. He has been doing amazingly well on the food and I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. We are on the last pack of the batch you sent, so please send some more! His skin, coat, and energy levels have been great, and he absolutely loves the food.”

Shirley, Glasgow

Hank's owner

just be kind vegan dogs

Alfred is a happy 7 year old who eats Yarrah organic vegan and his favourite treats are Benevo pawtato knots & rumble strips, Whimzee dental chews, and carrots. He has a daily 3 mile run in the morning and a mile in the evening.

“I have just tried the homemade protein packs, and so far so good! Alfred’s really enjoying it and it hasn’t caused him any digestion issues!
Many thanks for sending”

Jilly, East Yorkshire

Alfred's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

Sweet Moopy has another dedicated owner Charlie who tried our protein packs. She normally feeds Moopy Benevo tins and homemade plant-based foods with sweet potato chews, and then she tried our recipe……

“Moopy loves it! I’ve just made up a batch of the umami recipe. He’s normally quite a picky / fussy eater but he finished and then looked at me for more!

Will you be selling this anytime soon?”
Charlie, Aberdeen

Moopy's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs
Cassie is a sweet Podenco who normally eats Benevo kibble plus homemade vegetables & pulses and she loves carrots and cucumbers.

My dog Cassie loved the food

Tina, King's Heath

Cassie's Owner

just be kind vegan dogs

Gorgeous Henry currently eats Barking Heads as his owner has tried him on vegan dry food but he won’t eat it so hopefully he prefers the homemade food. He loves to run off lead in his local nature reserve, he is a naturally fun loving dog.

” I used the pack to make the Umami treats and once Henry had tried one he set up camp in the kitchen doorway as he wanted more! He loves them!”

Kelly, Manchester

Henry's Owner

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