Did you know, for every bottle or tub of Vegetology Omega 3 that’s sold, the lives of 50 fish are spared…AND THAT’S NOT THE ONLY REASON WHY WE LOVE OMEGA 3 ALGAE OIL!

1 bottle Vegetology Algae oil saves 50 fish!

Wow that’s a fantastic statistic that you can be SO proud of! Instead of getting your dog’s important and necessary Omega 3’s from fish, by buying Omega 3 Algae oil, the lives of 50 fish are spared. They are left there to feed our oceans and keep our valuable planetary ecosystem going.

Fish get their Omega 3’s from eating the microalgae, so by buying Algae oil, you’ve chosen to cut out the ‘middle fish’ with all its heavy metals that it holds in its organs and skin, and feed your dog a much purer and richer source of Omega 3’s.

Fish carry the highest levels of heavy metals in their kidneys and livers including Mercury, Lead, Cadmium and Arsenic. This is why we do not recommend feeding your dog fish oil, especially over the long term.

Look at where this wonderful microalgae is grown instead – possibly one of the most sustainable means of ‘farming’ as it produces so much life giving oxygen with the growth of these nutrient dense microalgae in large indoor controlled environments!

Marine phytoplankton growing in bioreactors


But there’s an even more important reason why we sell Vegetology Algae oil

heartIt’s just SO good for your dog’s health

  • The high amount of DHA and EPA Omega 3’s in Vegetology Algae oil supports heart health and eye health – so important in our elderly pets to delay any doggy dementia and keep your dog recognising you for as long as possible
  • DHA and EPA Omega 3’s are so important for heart health and brain development
  • It is the most natural source of anti-inflammatories to soothe and protect the joints of your dog, especially combined with our Gold Dust to provide a POWER DUO for your dog’s joints
  • The addition of valuable plant-based Vit D3 in Vegetology Algae oil enhances your dog’s immune system
  • These pure Omega 3’s make up the cell membrane in the skin of your dog and play a role in protecting their important skin barrier for all our itchy dogs with allergic skin conditions.

That’s why not only do we feed it to our own dog Ruff, but we also take Vegetology Algae oil as a family! Our son had bad eczema whenever he had university exams and it was only the Omega 3 Algae oil that healed his itching and protected his skin barrier, NOT fish oil! We are seeing just the same in dogs with chronic skin conditions.


Dogs just LOVE its UMAMI flavour

Algae oil does not leave a fishy aftertaste when we take it, but it does smell like the ocean…it can only be described as UMAMI, and dogs love the taste, as shown by Cosmo the Australian Shepherd.

“Cosmo has been having these capsules since he was a puppy and he just loves them. I rattle the tub when it’s time for his dose, and he comes running!”


Cosmo's Owner

Why is Algae oil better than flaxseeds as an Omega 3 source?

Flax seeds used as Omega 3 source in vegan dogs but not a good source of EPA and DHA, only of ALA

Very often, owners will choose soaked flaxseeds as a source of Omega 3’s to give to their dogs as they probably eat it themselves. Flaxseeds contain the Omega 3 plant-based version of ALA which needs to be converted into DHA and EPA to supply these Omega 3’s.

Due to the very low conversion rate of ALA to the important fatty acids DHA and EPA in dogs, you would need to feed your dog a month’s supply of flaxseed (ALA) to obtain the equivalent bio-available Omega 3 as you would obtain from a single capsule of Vegetology Algae oil or 1/2 tsp!



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