I felt so privileged to have presented at this year’s Vegan Life Live  at the Alexandra Palace in London (what a beautiful building!) How I loved the whole day – 

To be surrounded by such a diversity of people all with the same ideals and respect for others and our natural world felt like stepping into paradise just for a day! The whole atmosphere in the large hall of this beautiful building was so calm and positive and all the food just so delicious.

On a personal note, I just love giving my talk about ‘Putting Kindness At The Heart Of Everything You Do’. I recorded it to listen below. The audience was made up of some familiar faces of wonderful dog owners that I had met on Zoom teleconsults and how it warmed my heart to hear their stories of their dogs and the transformations seen on a plant-based diet, and finally meet them in person.

Arielle Griffiths vegan vet talking at vegan Life Live Alexandra Palace 2022

Click play to listen to a recording of the live presentation

Arielle Griffiths vegan vet outside Ally Pally bushes 2022
Arielle Griffiths meets vegan dog owners at Alexandra Palace
Arielle Griffiths vegan vet at Alexandra Palace Vegan Life Live with Cockapoo
Arielle Griffiths meets vegan dog owners at Alexandra Palace
just be kind vegan dogs
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