Solo Vegetal was such a huge hit at this year’s VetFest run by Noel Fitzpatrick and attracting vets and vet nurses from all over the country.

Armed with Prof Knight’s latest published papers about vegan dog food being healthier for dogs than meat-based and raw dog foods; I felt confident and so excited to share my very valuable knowledge with vets who have not kept up with the latest findings – I do confess to also feeling very anxious, as I set up my stand surrounded by the big players in the veterinary and pet food industries (all meat-based and all very popular and well known to very conservative vets!)

But all my fears and anxieties were unnecessary as Solo Vegetal stole the show!

Arielle Griffiths promoting Vegan Dog Food and Solo Vegetal at Noel Fitzpatrick's VetFest 2022

One of the dermatology lectures delivered to vets and nurses during the 2 days of the festival, and held by a renowned veterinary dermatologist, mentioned Solo Vegetal as one of the top foods to feed dogs with allergic skin conditions instead of reaching for meat-based hydrolysed prescription diets – hoorah!!

My work was done for me! I had vets and nurses recognising the bag of Solo Vegetal on my stand and wanting to try it on their own dogs and wanting to know more about it. One vet (slightly older than me with her own practice), wanted to know if it was good to use as an ‘exclusion diet’ ie put an allergic dog onto the food for 8 weeks and then reintroduce their meat-based food into their diet as she wanted to try it on her client’s pets.

When I told her that Solo Vegetal was a complete and very palatable diet, and that dogs could stay on it for life as it was that nourishing; she then stayed at my stand for 2 hours (!) and asked me almost everything that I know as she madly scribbled down notes!

Other vets, nurses and physiotherapists came and went and listened and took sample packs to try on their dogs; and she stayed, and was desperate for as much information as she could get about plant-based diets – what hope she gave me that other vets will be as desperate as her to keep up with the latest research and just want the best for their own pets and pets that they were seeing everyday!

The second highlight of my time at VetFest was just how much dogs LOVED Solo Vegetal. Little Olive the Dachshund belonging to a vet just stole my heart. She could smell the food and suddenly appeared at my feet, with her tiny tail wagging furiously as she knew that there was something enticing at my stand.

She had never tasted plant-based dog food before….and my goodness did she LOVE it! I had to restrict the amount she ate as she was so tiny, but when I stopped, she just barked at me to feed her more as shown in the second video (and how could I resist? 🙂

Vet's Dachshund Olive just LOVES Solo Vegetal at VetFest
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