Louie is a gorgeous healthy and spritely Sprocker who according to his dedicated Mum, is thriving on his vegan diet – he loves his food and has been vegan for 3 years.

His only weakness however, is a love of bread…of any kind! He has eaten an entire baguette before – not even leaving a single crumb, as well as rye bread left within his reach. One incident led to him having to be hospitalised for an acute case of pancreatitis from eating the entire baguette.

Thankfully he recovered quickly, but it really upset his Mum as the last thing we want for our dogs, is to have them in any sort of pain and being left at a veterinary hospital where we cannot be with them, is equally as upsetting.

Louie vegan Sprocker loves eating baguette
Pancreatitis is a common condition seen in dogs that are raw fed as they usually end up with acute attacks from having just too much saturated fat from the raw meat.

It is unusual in a vegan dog food diet but not impossible as happened with little Louie whose love of bread led to him overloading his pancreas with just too much carbohydrate in one sitting.

His Mum is now so aware of Louie’s bread obsession, and all bread has to be kept completely out of his reach when he’s at home or visiting friends and family – listen to his Mum telling Louie’s story in the video below –

Louie vegan Sprocker loves eating baguette
Louie vegan Sprocker at the beach in Cornwall
Louie vegan Sprocker running
just be kind vegan dogs
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