Dora is a Newfypoo (a wonderful cross between a Poodle and a Newfoundland), and she holds the best of both these breeds with her pure joy of life, her family and her love of her vegan dog food that fills us all with such hope.

Meet her in the video below where her true character comes out as she licks her Mum, is constantly searching for something exciting to happen or to eat – she is the eternal optimist and we all need an adorable ‘Dora’ in our lives!

Newfypoo Dora the happy vegan dog

Watch Dora receiving her Solo Vegetal in the video below – how it made us laugh:) Dora’s friend Mojo the cat is as full of character as her and see him photobombing Dora posing with Green Crunch below!

Dora the Newfypoo loves her Solo Vegetal
Dora's friend Mojo is as full of character as her and here he is photobombing Dora posing with Green Crunch!
just be kind vegan dogs

“Yes I undoubtedly would recommend this food. The food along with the recipes are so easy to make . My dog loves it. I feel very confident she is getting all that she needs to thrive. This vet is so helpful and knowledgeable I feel very safe in her hands. I wish I had had her advice when I was first transitioning my 30kg dog as it’s quite scary and you only want the best for them. My dog is thriving I’m so glad I came across this wonderful website! Just be kind to your dog other animals and the planet”

Zoë in West Sussex, Dora's Owner (Written February 2020)

just be kind vegan dogs
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