Since starting on a home cooked wholefood plant-based diet, Drake’s life has transformed!

Drake is a rescue Great Dane who was terrified of his own shadow and who suffered from so many allergies, chronic diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, constant anal gland issues and severe distress due to the pain of all these conditions.

If anyone came to the door, he would pace up and down in fear and he had so many regular trips to the vet as he had sores between his toes, blotchy skin on his belly, hot scratchy ears and constant visits to have his very smelly anal glands squeezed.

Drake’s Mum wanted to homecook from the start which is an enormous commitment to homecook for a 60kg Great dane but she knew that it was the only option to give him his quality of life back. She bought a 21 litre pot to cook the vast quantities needed and she has her own perfect routine as she realised from the start that a wholefood plant-based diet has transformed his life.

Great Dane Drake with vegan dog Buddy
Great Dane Drake with vegan dog Buddy

These are the changes that she has seen after only one month! –

* His ears were all crusty around the edges and that has improved.
* His fur is silky soft.
* The sores between his toes are better.
* He just LOVES the food – his Mum has to remove the dish from the holder as he just carries on licking and licking
* He seems calmer – with all the discomfort and constant pain and irritation now sorted through a healthy non-allergenic diet.
* He does not need his anal glands squeezed anymore so no more trips to the vet.
* He is not as fearful anymore – he appears more confident and much calmer.


Listen to his amazing journey as told by his dedicated Mum in the video below – how wonderful she is to transform the life of this gentle giant with all his issues.

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