How we love the honesty of Nero’s owner in answering our questions about transitioning 9 year old gorgeous rescue Nero from raw food to plant-based…..

What is Nero currently being fed and what you were feeding him?

We started Nero on raw/BARF when we rehomed him, and then fed Benevo grain free wet food, Benevo biscuits, and home prepped fruit and veg. Found your site while looking for better options though!

How many meals a day does Nero eat and what is his favourite food?

Two meals a day. He goes absolutely nuts for bananas and apples… approach the fruit bowl at your peril!

Favourite treats that he likes?

He likes Whimzees chews, sweet potato slices and banana.

How long did it take to transition and what did you find the hardest about changing to plant-based?

It took a fair few months to find a diet that worked for Nero.

Rescue vegan dog Nero

Despite all the raw food fans singing the diets praises, enthusing over its ‘species appropriate’ benefits etc, Nero just kept losing weight and often had sloppy poos. We were spending a fortune on meat and organs and supplements, half our freezer was taken up with the stuff. As vegans just trying to do right by our rescue dog, it felt so so wrong to be feeding him a diet that clearly didn’t suit it, but also contributed to so much harm, both animal and planetary. I was a total plant-based-dog sceptic, but I could see with my own eyes that raw feeding wasn’t right. I’m so happy he’s now plant based and healthy.

What positive changes have you noticed in Nero since changing to plant-based?

Healthy weight gain (he’s a superb 19 kilos, perfect body condition for his size), a shinier coat, less scurf (dandruff), nice breath and wonderful teeth for his age. He is incredibly active and fit.

Would you ever go back to raw/meat-based feeding and why?

No. Never. I was so adamant it was the right and most natural thing to feed my dog, but obviously it just… wasn’t. I tried it because I was convinced dogs NEED meat. What a plonker. We’ve had Nero almost 5 years and he’s never been healthier and happier.

Do you find it expensive to feed Nero on a plant-based diet?

No, not at all.

How did you cope with the reaction from friends and family about changing Nero to plant-based?

We’ve both been vegan for a while, so our family kind of goes along with it, but some reactions have definitely been negative. My local pet shop berated me when I first went in to buy vegan dog food instead of meat based food or raw, telling me “dogs are carnivores, they need meat!” That made me feel very uncomfortable.

What is the best bit of advice that you can give to someone wanting to change to plant-based?

Just try it. If for any reason it doesn’t work out, and you’ve done your research and are confident your dogs dietary needs are being catered to, and you’ve perhaps also consulted a nutritionist for help, then you can always switch back. If you never try you’ll never know. My biggest regret is not switching Nero’s diet to plant based sooner.

What wonderful honesty and positivity – lucky rescue boy Nero!

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