Trixie is an adored little Frenchie who was ‘rescued’ by her Dad who is a dog walker and couldn’t resist rehoming her when her previous family suffered from financial difficulties. He did not know that Frenchies are one of the breeds that suffer from skin issues and when Trixie arrived with all her itching, scratching and constant discomfort; he affectionately called her his ‘problem child’.

He began to deal with these issues in the best way possible by researching the perfect diet for her. His research led to him trying her on a raw food diet that actually made all her symptoms even worse as Trixie suffers from an animal protein intolerance (one of the most common intolerances that we see in dogs).

French Bulldog Trixie has a meat intolerance
As soon as he tried her on a 100% vegan diet using Solo Vegetal tins, in his words –

“She went mad for it – when we opened the tin for the very first time, she chased us around the flat…and I tried it myself – it smelt good and it tasted good! She spins around in the kitchen when she has it – in the evening too as she loves it so much. We use the Solo Vegetal dry as treats when on walks.
She calmed down as the itching lessened on plant-based food, and she is a calmer dog since being on raw as she is happy now. We are so thankful”

Listen to his story below and hear all about the wonderful transition of ‘problem child’ Trixie going from raw to plant-based and what a huge impact it had on her health and her happiness

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