Perhaps you were one of the owners who bought a puppy in desperation during lockdown – you maybe had your heart set on having a Cockapoo puppy in your home and you scoured the advertising sections to find one. If you did do this, you were not alone, as 3 million puppies were purchased during lockdown in the UK with Cockapoos being the most popular breed, closely followed by Cavapoos and then French Bulldogs.

Very very worryingly, this article reveals that –

A high number of pandemic puppies with a pet passport indicates, researchers said, the level puppies were imported, and many potentially from lower welfare sources.
Rowena Packer, lecturer in companion animal behaviour and welfare science, said: “The demand for puppies during the pandemic outstripped supply from legitimate, welfare-conscious sources.
“Our finding that pandemic puppies were more likely to be sold with a passport leads us to fear that some owners may have unknowingly supported the growing puppy import trade; lining the pockets of importers who care little for the welfare of puppies and their mothers.”

Vegan Cavalier used in puppy farm Miss Zsa Zsa

The image above shows the very frightened Miss Zsa Zsa being taken into foster care after being rescued.

Vegan Cavalier used in puppy farm Miss Zsa Zsa

The happy healthy Miss Zsa Zsa living a healthy plant-based life with all the love in the world now!

Sweetest Miss Zsa Zsa the Cavalier was rescued from a puppy farm where she was used as a breeder. She now lives a wonderful life with the most caring owner in Norfolk where she even has her own Blog – The Barking Bugle!

Miss Zsa Zsa weighed just 4.3kgs when she was rescued as a very frightened little dog who had never known a life beyond her breeding crate. She suffers from deformities in both her backlegs from the cramped conditions of never having had enough space to move around.


The reality of a breeding dog…..

(Please read to the end!)
She is seen as a commodity purely to line the pockets of whoever is exploiting her so she would be given no name; just possibly a number according to her crate.

She would not be able to experience any normal social behaviour or be allowed any normal interactions with other dogs, people or even an outdoor environment.

Her food would be controlled to be just enough to allow for the growth of her pups so would most likely be of the cheapest source to maximise profits and be kept to a minimum so there would be no enjoyment even in the simple pleasure of food.

If she is a breed such as a French Bulldog who do not breed easily; she would most likely be artificially inseminated which would not be performed with care and consideration but possibly with speed and pain.

She would have her pups taken from her at a young age to be sold as quickly as possible so that she could start her breeding cycle all over again to maximise her profits which leaves her hormones longing for her pups to return.

If she develops the extremely painful condition mastitis due to being a lactating mum, she would most likely not be treated correctly, but possibly even just have the affected mammary tissue cut away if it becomes hugely infected  – this is often performed without any form of local anaesthesia which would add to the costs.

At the end of her breeding cycle when she is not needed anymore, she will most likely be put to sleep, again to maximise profits.

I am a vegan vet and I have written this Blog with tears pouring down my face as the reality of what I have just written is THE LIFE OF A PUPPY FARM BREEDER IS NO DIFFERENT TO THE LIFE OF A DAIRY COW!

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