A few years back, an episode of the quiz show we all love – QI, contestants were shown a photo of a typical happy family with 2 children, a car and a dog. *

The host Sandy Toksvig asked “What could this family do to reduce their carbon footprint?”

The contestant’s answers were “Get rid of the car” = WRONG ANSWER

The correct answer was “Get rid the dog!”

Westie on table licking his nose

The contestants had no idea that the family dog, fed two predominantly animal meat-based meals a day, was contributing to more carbon emissions that either the car or the human family meals!

As animal lovers and knowing the importance of our pets in our modern lives; getting rid of the dog is definitely not an option to any of us. We are however running out of solutions to the global crisis of reducing our carbon emissions, so as vets and animal lovers and as a concerned family; we offer a perfect solution – feed your dogs a plant based diet!

The information offered on this site sets out to prove that a balanced plant-based meat free diet is not only going to help the environment; but it offers a far healthier lifestyle for your pet (and for you the owner).

* Chapter 2 How Pet Food is Destroying the World The Clean Pet Food Revolution

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We just need to stop eating animals

We just need to stop eating animals

As a small business, we will do all we can to continue to promote the nourishment of our pets with wholesome, clean and nutritious plant-based foods that hold no dangers of causing a second pandemic.

Interview with Dr Ernie Ward

Interview with Dr Ernie Ward

So if you’re concerned about your pet food safety, let’s go plant-based. If you’re concerned about the carbon pawprint of your pet, then let’s go plant-based. If you’re concerned about your pet….

The benefits of coconut oil

The benefits of coconut oil

Lauric acid is responsible for many of coconut oil’s health benefits including its immune-supporting, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties

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Have you considered plant-based dog food?