We are so excited to announce that we now stock big shiny 10kg Solo Vegetal bags!
Our beautiful models – Bruno and Ruby are thriving on the food, along with so many other healthy happy dogs in the UK who are now aware of the all the huge health benefits of this balanced, wholefood diet

Bruno and Ruby are Bernese Mountain Dogs
Read a bit more about them

In the words of their owner Lisa:

“Bruno and Ruby are both the most loving and gentle dogs! They are always by my side! When they sit down next to me, or might I say next to anyone, they sit on your foot and rest their backs against your leg! 😍 I think this is a trait of the breed, very special, They are also amazing with babies and children.
I forgot to tell you how much they love the Solo Vegetal food – I will order some more very shortly!

Thank you so much for all your care and support. They do so well on a vegan diet, I just wish others would be brave enough to make the step for the good of all animals and our planet, it would really make a world of difference so to speak!”

Solo Vegetal 10kg bags

Solo Vegetal Premium Food

From £42.50

Please note that our prices INCLUDE next day DPD delivery to mainland areas for orders placed Monday – 12pm Thursday (no weekend deliveries so stock up before Thursday:) 3-5 day deliveries to Scottish Highlands, Islands and NI and an extra shipping fee to these areas.


The Italians have given us everything we love – pasta, pizzas, lasagne, gelati…..and now SOLO VEGETAL for our dogs!  It is a wholesome and delicious complete food for adult dogs with a perfect balance of vital nutrients, and it is THE ONLY PLANT-BASED FOOD THAT IS RECOMMENDED BY DERMATOLOGISTS AND VETS IN THE UK. Some very forward thinking vet practices already stock it for its premium content, but our aim is for vets up and down the country to sell it as this could be a gamechanger for plant-based feeding in dogs in the UK!

As a family of vets, we wanted the best for our own dog Ruff and he just loves the taste of the SOLO VEGETAL small round biscuits, so we felt that we had to share it with all your dogs too!

It contains a unique blend of ingredients including spinach, apple, tomato, carrot, chicory, alfalfa, hulled oats, einkorn wheat, buckwheat, spelt, wheatgerm, evening primrose and borage oil. These combine to offer your dog a complete food with all the necessary protein, vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to be healthy and happy (as it is very tasty). NO SOYA AND NO CORN!

Dear little Rolo LOVES his Solo Vegetal food!

“He absolutely loves the food, by the way. His relationship with food has completely changed (there’s a lot more begging for food now, which we’ve never really known!), he’s rarely sick and the shuddering which suggested some GI discomfort has completely stopped. He maintains his weight well now and looks in great condition, so thank you. Looking forward to our next delivery of Solo Vegetal.”

Gareth, Birmingham

Baxter's Owner

“I just want Minnie to live forever, and since transitioning her onto Solo vegetal (which she loves by the way), I have to say that Minnie’s fur has become so soft. It’s all very promising. I’m so glad I found you.”

Karen, Farnham

14 year old Minnie's Owner

“Just to let you know Cooper has put on half a kilo since being on Solo Vegetal and his coat is so shiny and thick and he seems so much happier and the vet is astounded with his improvement as he is obviously now retaining all the nutrients he needs (and a bonus is that he loves the food!).”

Judith, Aberdeen

Cooper's Owner

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