*Our JUST BE KIND Supplement Available To Buy!*

heartWe are so excited to announce that our JUST BE KIND supplement has been packaged sustainably by us and is available to all UK dog owners wanting to feed their dogs a 100% balanced wholefood plant-based diet!


From £22.75

just be kind supplements

Our JUST BE KIND supplement powder contains the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids that are essential for dogs fed a purely plant-based diet. This ensures that when homecooking for your dog, their diets are fully balanced with all the important B Vitamins as well as Calcium, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Methionine, Zinc and the required amino acids and minerals that are lacking in a plant-based diet.

Our JUST BE KIND supplement is free from artificial additives, colourants and preservatives and has the addition of valuable pre and probiotics to support a healthy digestion in your dog.

“Sorry for the delay but wanted to wait until we’d tried all the new recipes and JUST BE KIND supplement.
Molly loves them all, especially ones with peanut butter in – The little bits of icing are great for hiding her tablets in!”

Debbie, Doncaster

Molly's Owner

“Can’t wait to try the new recipes and JUST BE KIND supplement as Teddy loves these homecooked meals! He is so much healthier since I transitioned from raw with no more itchy ears – it’s amazing. Just ordered your new supplement and so excited to try it!”

Christine, Liverpool

Teddy's Owner

We want to support you fully with homecooking for your dog