Today’s Small Memories

The weather is bleak and today I just feel really down and overwhelmingly tired. It has rained all day and even though I have nothing specific that is overwhelming me and making me worry; I think this in itself if what is causing my anxiety, or maybe it is the Menopause that is leaving me overwhelmingly tired and over thinking everything?

I’ve always said to my children that it is important to have the small things in life to worry about – relationships, money concerns etc as when everything is ‘ok’ in your life (as it is with mine at the age of 52), you then turn your attention to the bigger worries like climate change and plastic use and reaching a tipping point with pollution and this is overwhelming!!

I would rather worry about my expanding waistline or whether I had been invited to a particular friend’s party than about these massive worries as they really overwhelm me. All I see while walking around Sainsbury with my daughter; is people buying hundreds of items and every one is packaged in plastic and almost all of that plastic will end up in the sea one day and I feel SO anxious.

I pick up rubbish everyday while I have my 2km run each morning and it has become part of what I do every day so I don’t even think about it. This too has made me so aware of the rubbish thrown out by people every single day and yes this worries me too, but I cannot stop doing it!!

I am SO thankful for being vegan and appreciating everything good and healthy in my life and today I made vegan dog food…..and it was delicious – even to my taste buds!! (Had to end this on a positive note:)

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