What I learnt about Millenials at Vetfest Surrey 2019
The challenges Millenials face

Today’s Small Memories

Today I rang my son in Brighton. He became vegan 2 years ago after being vegetarian for a few years prior to that and I have always admired him (and never dreamt I would be like him!).

He represents a true ‘Millenial’ as I learn from one of the lectures I attended at Vetfest that was given by the Head Nurse at Fitzpatrick Referrals and dealt with the challenges faced by vets and any business with hiring Millenials. She is a Millenial too and her talk was excellent and these are the bits I found interesting (and can remember).

Millenials are –

  • Born between 1984 and 2000
  • Change jobs every 2 years on average
  • Are very technologically minded and driven by social media
  • Are ethically driven and support ethical, sustainable companies
  • Prefer a good work-life balance to higher salaries
  • Blame their parents for a lack of self-esteem in the workplace as when they grew up, they were rewarded and praised by their parents excessively and therefore need to be encouraged by their bosses to rebuild this lack of self-confidence.

I do worry about my 2 daughters who are born after 2000 and represent Generation Z’s – I so hope they are able to find balance in their lives as everything speeds up so dramatically with technology!

This is what I have eaten today –


  • Cup of Tic Toc redbush tea with soya milk
  • 2 Jus Rol petit pains au chocolat
  • Big bowl oatmilk and hot Pukka chocolate powder
  • 1/3 grapefruit
  • 1 hrt tablet
  • 2 Algae Omega 3 capsules

Mid-morning snack –

  • 1 kiwi fruit
  • 2 apricots
  • Cup Redbush tea with barista oatmilk

Lunch with family –

  • Sainsbury baguette filled with salad of lettuce, lamb’s lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatos and malt vinegar and olive oil and Flora spread
  • Hummus and carrots
  • Punnet cherries

Mid-afternoon snack –

  • Cup caramel redbush tea with Barista oat milk
  • 2 Jacob’s crackers

Dinner –

  • Delicious soya based Veggie ribs from Sainsbury with hickory sauce
  • Risotto made with onion, garlic, leeks, celery, white wine, vegetable stock and pepper – rich and delicious
  • Asparagus
  • Coconut Collaborative yoghurt and 1 passion fruit mixed in
  • 4 small squares Green and Blacks 85% chocolate
  • Cup mint tea and watch Killing Eve (both my husband and I jumped when young Gabrielle in the hospital was killed very graphically  – what an engrossing series!)
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