The 5 side effects of kindness by David Hamilton
Greggs vegan sausage roll eaten on way to Vetfest
Noel Fitzpatrick and David Hamilton at Vetfest
Noel Fitzpatrick and David Hamilton at Vetfest

I woke at 4am to set off so excitedly for a full day of veterinary CPD (further veterinary training and development) in Surrey. A three hour drive lay ahead of me and I had no idea what to expect.

The 2 day event was organised by Noel Fitzpatrick and is dedicated to vets and vet nurses. He is such a lovely man and I felt a little ‘starstruck’ when I stopped to speak to him about what he had said in one of his talks. He has an intense gaze and really listens and shows interest – he asked my name and where I worked.

He told all the attending vets and vet nurses that his dear old Mum had turned 90 last week and he had been to visit to see her and give her a hug. She was apparently disinterested in how much fame and fortune he had; she just wanted to know that he was a good person.

He felt that this wonderful CPD event that he organised was hopefully going to be his legacy where he just spreads kindness amongst the veterinary profession. I felt it did, and one lecture in particular given by Dr David Hamilton about the 2 effects of kindness was just excellent (and a little life-changing). I thoroughly recommend the book he has written and I have already bought it for my children and myself!

David has a gentle Glaswegian accent, similar to Billy Connolly and is an author and was a biochemist. He told us about the day he had to have his 2 year old Labrador Oscar put to sleep due to developing an osteosarcoma (you can imagine all the ‘Aaahs’ when he told this to a room full of vets and vet nurses!).

He was driving home after the trauma, and he had to stop on the side of the road to get some air.

There was a Highland cow in the field and he stared at the cow and the cow stared back and in his words – ‘ He saw the soul of this animal and from that day on, he became a vegan!’

He reassured me even more with this story that being vegan was the right choice; and gave me the inspiration for this Blog and our vegan dog food – ‘Just Be Kind!’

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