Book Called What Vegans Eat

I am always tempted by the ‘book man’ who comes to the vet practice once a month and leaves a box of possible books, games or gadgets that we may need (or not need but are tempted to buy as they are sold cheaply).

This time the box had a book that I had to buy – ‘What Vegans Eat’. I imagine it is leftover stock from all those books not sold during Veganuary!

It has some amazing-looking recipes in it and I am looking forward to trying some – although I am really bad at following recipes (I’m a bit too impatient and I also don’t like having to wear my reading glasses when I’m cooking as I feel like I’m at work, so I can’t actually read the pages!!)

I did have a look at it before popping out for my Saturday morning shop at our local Lidl.

I only got so far as making the one recipe I saw briefly – the roast baby potatoes with rosemary (from our garden) this evening!

This what I have eaten today –


Mid – morning snack:

Nothing! – I was too busy shopping at Lidl, hoovering the house and cleaning this morning:)


  • Salad of lettuce, brown rice, peas, walnuts, baby tomatoes, rocket, malt vinegar and olive oil
  • 1 Lidl olive fresh roll with dairy free spread
  • 1 carrot and hummus


  • Cup caramel tea with frothed delicious Oatley Barista milk – the closest I can get to a cappucino!
  • 1 bowl salted Tesco popcorn (Ruff eats the ones that fall under my computer… yes, eaten while I work at my desk!
  • Green Smoothie made of kale, baby spinach, soya milk and banana all blended together in a Breville blender – the ripe banana gives the creamy flavour. I keep the woody bits of kale for our 2 guinea pigs!



  • How delicious the food was today 85% 85%
  • How happy I felt today 70% 70%
  • How easy the food was to prepare 75% 75%
  • Energy levels 60% 60%
  • Cravings for cheese, yoghurt and chicken 20% 20%

My Weight Today


My Percentage Body Fat Today

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