History of gorgeous boy Nelson in the video and his owner Tessa, founder of VEGDOG

Crossbreed Nelson who died at the good age of 15 years, was a vegan for 7 years as he suffered from so many food intolerances. We had Nelson as an adult rescue and when we first had him, we made numerous trips to the vets.

The vets were baffled and we tried everything that the market had to offer – hypoallergenic dry and wet foods as well as the recommended full range of exotic meats such as kangaroo meat or ostrich meat with potatoes. Nothing seemed to help him. The itching and digestive problems did not improve. Eventually Nelson’s vet advised us to refrain from any animal protein. Vegan for dogs? I thought it was a joke. “How is this going to work?” “Is it even suitable?” These were only a few of the many questions I had.

My vet was so supportive and gave me a comprehensive balanced homemade recipe to try on Nelson. After 4 weeks, he was symptom free and he remained so for 7 years on his vegan diet!

Together with a professional vet specialising in animal nutrition, we developed our first vegan, grain-free and 100% complete food for dogs.

VEGDOG was born

Tessa and dog Nelson owner of VEGDOG.de

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