Many thanks for completing the form for our HOMECOOK STARTER PACK and for choosing to feed your dog so healthily

Please check your Spam e-mail to make sure that you do not miss an important reply from us. We will e-mail the recipe/s that are tailormade to your dog’s weight and requirements. Please allow 2 days for the recipe/s to be worked out for your dog and sent via e-mail, and 48 hours for the supplement to arrive via Royal Mail.

Here are links to purchase the foods we recommend with your purchase –

Algae oil Omega 3 capsules from Vegetology or Norsan Omega 3 Algae oil if prefer liquid to capsules.

Ground almonds, dessicated coconut, brown rice, polenta, textured vegetable protein and red lentils from BuyWholeFoodsOnline.

Always transition your dog slowly from meat-based or raw to homemade plant-based to get your dog’s gut bacteria used to the increase in fibre in the diet. Expect them to poo a lot more but that will settle down with time.


– FAQ’s by concerned pet owners –

Just be kind vegan vet and vegan dog food
Just be kind vegan vet and vegan dog food
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