James Wilks Surprises Vegan Vet!!

What an amazing surprise….I never dreamt that in one day, all my dreams would come true that the published studies done by our wonderful Prof Andrew Knight, would point to a vegan dog food diet as being the best diet for our dogs – hurrah at last it has...

How life has changed for vets since the pandemic

We all wonder how things have changed for every profession and walk of life since lockdown and us all adapting to the ‘new normal’, so here is a day in my life to share what it is like to be a vet coping with the changes of how the pandemic has shaped a new way of...

Our Gamechangers Connection

Hopefully you have watched the fascinating Gamechangers documentary on Netflix that took the UK by storm at the end of 2019. The very motivated athlete James Wilks proved how beneficial a plant-based diet was to the recovery and performance of top athletes. His...
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