The kindest pet owner you can be

  As we work our way through our second lockdown, our pets will feel the stress too. Suddenly everyone is home and their entire routine changes yet again. With the knowledge that our dogs are full blown empaths with the capacity to absorb all our emotions –...

Confessions of a vegan vet

Sir David Attenborough’s latest series on a Sunday night grabbed my attention as he made a stark warning about species extinction, but I felt it would be too upsetting to watch. I know though that I am not alone. When you choose to change your way of life...

What is an Empath?

About 1 in 5 people is an empath with a higher amount of empaths noticed amongst the caring professions, amongst vegans/vegetarians and amongst pet lovers. I am definitely an empath – only recently ‘self-diagnosed’. I remember as a child going to...

I just feel exhausted

Today’s Small MemoriesThe weather is bleak and today I just feel really down and overwhelmingly tired. It has rained all day and even though I have nothing specific that is overwhelming me and making me worry; I think this in itself if what is causing my anxiety, or...

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