Mother nature is crying out….and we are listening!

In January 2020, we had the devastating fires in Australia that showed us the start of climate changes we were to expect. In July 2021, parts of Europe and China were devastated by floods, and Canada experienced the hottest weather ever recorded. Yes, climate change...

Wonderful David Attenborough

When our future seems so precarious, we finally have hope for our fragile natural world with the very wise and compassionate words of Sir David Attenborough. I finally sat down with my family this week to watch A Life On Our Planet. Like so many of you, we learnt so...

Confessions of a vegan vet

Sir David Attenborough’s latest series on a Sunday night grabbed my attention as he made a stark warning about species extinction, but I felt it would be too upsetting to watch. I know though that I am not alone. When you choose to change your way of life...
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