Yora Sustainable Dog Food

Yora insect based sustainable dog food

Promoting an insect-based diet for your dogs may not seem to be very ‘vegan’, but the ethos behind the company Yora, remains at the heart of what we stand for – an ethically correct and sustainable diet that is not only kind to the planet and the livestock sentient animals we want to stop being slaughtered, but kind to our dogs too as it is completely balanced.

It is a diet too that we used to feed to our little Ruff prior to him being fed our vegan homemade diet, so we know that it is very tasty as he loved it!

The food is made from very sustainable fly grubs who are fed on vegetable waste and then turned into powder to provide a very high protein diet to your dogs. Remember that dogs are attracted to foods where they can smell the nutrient value of a food and Yora is very high quality with the addition of potatoes, oats, maize, beetroot, seaweed, peas, carrots, pumpkin, tomato and chicory with added vitamins and minerals.

It is expensive, but offers a very sustainable solution to feeding your dogs. We also commend their packaging that is fully recyclable. We also love what the word Yora mean :

What Yora means
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