V-Complete Supplement

V Complete vegan dog food supplement

V-Complete is a supplement for homemade vegan dog food made in Germany and developed by the very lovely and inspiring Leni Lecker together with experts from the field of veterinary medicine. It contains Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Yeast, Schizochytrium sp, Flax Oil (cold-pressed), Papaya Leaves and Yucca.

Algae oil provides a better source of Omega 3 in dogs compared to flax seeds, but we are happy with the balance of this supplement and recommend that if it is given, that you still supplement with Algae oil capsules. There are also some really good recipes on their website should you wish to feed this supplement to your dog as part of a homemade plant-based diet.

We also like that they use DHL Go Green, so we fully endorse V-Complete.

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