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Feeding a new puppy is a minefield and you will receive advice from friends, family, your vet, what you read online and your local petshop, but ultimately you are in control of what you choose to feed your new puppy.

We are here if you do not want to go it alone if you choose to feed your puppy a sustainable plant-based diet. It is difficult enough to get the diet 100% balanced for adult dogs, and is much trickier for puppies as they have such varying requirements. They need extra protein for the various growth stages, a higher requirement for Omega 3’s for mental development, a need to acidify their urine even more than in adults to prevent puppy cystitis, a need for the Calcium and Phosphate ratio to be just right to prevent bone deformities; and a higher need for Zinc combined with Copper – SO much that could go wrong with your puppy if you do not get professional veterinary nutritionist help and advice.

For this reason, we have developed a Puppy Package that offers you full help with feeding your new puppy plant-based!



heart We all love our new puppies and only want the best for them and these diets are what we as vets would feed our own puppies – sustainably and kindly. Hopefully these FAQ’s answer all the questions you may have but please let us know if you need any further reassurance by e-mailing our vet Arielle at, although our Green Paws Puppy Package does include a FREE 25 minute teleconsult or Zoom consultation.

Can we homecook for our new puppy?

We admire any owner dedicated enough to homecook for their new puppy as it does offer them the best start in life. It is possible with our tailormade recipe that we send you for homecooking with fresh natural ingredients that you choose so that you are completely in control.
just be kind supplementOur homemade recipe is tailormade to you and your puppies’ preferences using wholesome ingredients such as lentils, oats, fresh green vegetables, vibrant orange vegetables, and the recommended addition of pea protein powder to ensure adequate amounts of protein for your growing puppy.

Where a plant-based diet lacks certain nutrients such as Zinc, Taurine, l-Carnitine, Calcium and Methionine; these are added in the form of our JUST BE KIND supplement that we send you with the tailormade recipe for your puppy.

We also include additional supplements in your package that your growing puppy needs such as extra Calcium and Phosphorus (in the perfect ratio of 1.3:1) as well as just the right amounts of Copper and Zinc supplement in a combined tablet. Leave it all up to our specialist vet nutritionist to get it just right for your puppy and up to us to supply the delicious recipes and post you the products to get started.

The diet made using the JUST BE KIND supplement is 100% balanced and you have the choice of a recipe that is 100% hypoallergenic if you were concerned about the addition of corn and soya in their diet.

How much does it cost?

heart The cost of our Green Paws Puppy Package is just £150 and this includes the homemade and 100% hypoallergenic recipe specific to your puppy, 2 x sachets of the JUST BE KIND supplement, as well as 4kgs of Greta Mini dry food + Dicalciumphosphate and Zinc/Copper extra supplements needed to get you started. Future purchases of the supplement can be made at Just Be Kind Dog Food and we are proud that our supplement is UK based and packaged sustainably by us.

The diets are carefully formulated by a veterinary nutritionist and you then receive advice and help from Arielle our UK based vet with a 25 minute FREE teleconsult or Zoom chat with Arielle to discuss your puppy’s new diet!

Please note that here are follow-on costs of £45 + VAT every 3 – 4 months to update the recipes needed for your puppy as they grow through the various stages. This follow-on cost every 3 – 4 months is for the new updated recipe, and charts of how much to feed + a 250g sachet of JUST BE KIND supplement. You are able to book a follow up teleconsult should you have any further concerns……and I am always available to e-mail.

Our Green Paws Puppy Package also includes free biodegradable sustainable poo bags for your new puppy:)

Will my new puppy get everything they need from a plant-based diet?

Absolutely! Puppies need completely different levels of nutrients initially for adequate growth. Between 2 and 12 weeks, they lose the natural immunity from their mother’s milk, but their own immunity is not fully developed. They need adequate levels of natural immunity boosters at this stage such as Vit B and E, as well as Omega 3’s for brain and skin development.

As they grow, puppies need the right nutritional balance of calcium and phosphorus in their diet (1.3:1). Puppies’ bodies cannot regulate how much calcium they take in – and so when they are under six months old, they cannot protect themselves against excessive intake. Too much calcium can be as detrimental to their development as too little, so the amounts measured by our nutritionist are just right for your puppy to prevent any bone deformities.

Their diet is much higher in protein compared to an adult diet, but this is not a concern in a plant-based diet as pea protein (78% protein), is added to the homemade food to ensure adequate levels of protein for your puppy. We do not supply the pea protein powder, but send you the exact amounts to feed and it is easy to purchase from BuyWholeFoodsOnline.

A plant-based diet also tends to result in an alkaline environment in your puppy’s digestive tract as well as resulting in alkaline urine. This makes your puppy more prone to a puppy bladder infection (cystitis), especially in our little female puppies. The JUST BE KIND supplement contain added Methionine – a very important amino acid found normally in meat and added to help acidify the urine of your puppy and prevent bladder infections.

Puppies have a greater nutritional need for Copper, Zinc, Calcium and Phosphorus and we supply all of these with accurate charts of how much to feed, so you do not have to worry that your puppy is not getting exactly what they need for each growth phase.

What about Omega 3's?

heart We advise using Algae oil capsules that are the purest form of Omega 3’s. The ones we recommend contain pure DHA and EPA fatty acids.

Omega 3’s high in arachidonic acid, are important for brain development as well as fur and skin growth and the Algae capsules that we recommend with their ocean ‘umami’ flavour and smell, are very palatable to puppies (and although we link to a human range, they are the same as those fed to dogs and very affordable as not marketed to pets).

UK Vet Help To Feed Your Puppy Correctly

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