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Feed Your Puppy Sustainably

Feed your puppy correctly and kindly

Feeding a new puppy is a minefield and you will receive advice from friends, family, your vet, what you read online and your local petshop, but ultimately you are in control of what you choose to feed your new puppy.

PLEASE do not go it alone if you choose to feed your puppy a sustainable plant-based diet. It is difficult enough to get the diet 100% balanced for adult dogs, and is much trickier for puppies as they have such varying requirements. They need extra protein for the various growth stages, a higher requirement for Omega 3’s for mental development, a need to acidify their urine even more than in adults to prevent puppy cystitis, a need for the Calcium and Phosphate ratio to be just right to prevent bone deformities; and a higher need for Zinc combined with Copper – SO much that could go wrong with your puppy if you do not get professional veterinary nutritionist help and advice.

For this reason, we have developed a Puppy Package that offers you full help with feeding your new puppy plant-based!


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