Join the Green Paws Package and get the top foods and support you need from a caring vet nutritionist

Vegan vet Arielle wearing facemask and being licked by dog at work


If you were a raw feeder as you do not like to use commercial dog food, we offer tailormade delicious homemade recipes. If your dog prefers tinned foods and has an intolerance to soya or wheat, we will send you exactly what we feel would suit your dog the best – EVERYTHING IS TAILORMADE TO YOUR DOG TO SUPPORT YOU AS BEST WE CAN

We select 10kgs of the top foods available that we know will suit your dog

4 homemade delicious recipes with tailormade quantities for your dog + 500g JUST BE KIND supplement

A personalised 25 minute teleconsult with a caring vet for full one on one support

1.5kg delicious homemade recipe kit using organic high quality ingredients

Tin of vegan joint care glucosamine/chondroitin soft chews

150 biodegradable tie handle robust poo bags....and more!

“THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how much I value all your advice. I’ve waited so long to find a professional like you.”

Linda, Inverness

Mac's Owner


Value Of Full Package With Bespoke Recipes For Your Dog Is Over £290

*Pay only £120 all inclusive!*


“I’m speechless. Thank you for your extraordinary support. I’m just now having a quiet moment to read through all the information you’ve so carefully provided with the Green Paws Package. Wow. The calmness I feel about this transition because of your support… it makes a positive difference in my world. I cannot wait now to start with the transition of Hagen from raw food to a more natural, healthier plant-based diet for Hagen. Thank you!”

Janna, Gosforth

Hagen's Owner

“We joined the Green Paws Package as Molly was on a raw meat diet (Millie’s Wolfheart) but she was really struggling with itching and carrying extra weight which did not help a back injury she had. After just 3 months on the plant-based-diet, she’s definitely itching less, is a perfect weight and the change in her energy and lust for life is wonderful to see.
The big treats were always cheese but now it’s all about the blueberries.
I’m so glad we signed up and found you as we really feel it’s the best money we’ve ever spent and terrific value.
Also, forgot to say we used to have to pay to have her anal glands expressed at least every 4-6 weeks at the vets, and she’s not needed it at all since we turned to your diet!
A huge thank you for all your support and kind encouragement”

Debbie, Doncaster

Molly's Owner

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