Hunny the gorgeous 1 year old wire-haired Viszla (with a spikey beard and all the character in the world) had a bout of Campylobacter infection as a puppy which led to her having severe and chronic diarrhoea.

Their vet recommended a diet of vegetables and rice which obviously concerned her owner as this was not sustainable for a growing puppy. They tried her on fish, rabbit, chicken, duck, and she kept having diarrhoea. They were told that as a Viszla, she had sensitive digestion and didn’t offer anymore advice.

Her worried Mum kept researching and eventually came across an article in The Times ‘Vegan hounds are fit as a butcher’s dog’ (great title:) that mentioned Prof Knight’s latest published research, and then they read The Guardian article that Just be Kind and devoted owners appeared in too.

Bearded Viszla eats vegan dog food

In her words –
“It was an open door for us as we have been strict vegetarians for 30 years – for us it felt so much more authentic to feed a vegan diet. We felt relieved that we didn’t have to feed meat anymore, including duck… we actually have a pet duck!
Having been a Mum of 4 boys, and as a parenting consultant, I know the value of wholefood plant-based homecooked food, so I began to cook for Hunny, and it’s lovely!

My husband just said to me this morning – I cannot believe how well Hunny is. Her coat is better, she has more energy and she is a happier pup. She is eating what we eat and she feels part of the family. Having her eating what we eat bonds her to us so closely.”

just be kind vegan dogs
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