What an inspiring success story of Molly transitioning from raw to plant-based!

Molly the Springer/Poodle from Doncaster (with the longest whiskers in the world) has a devoted owner who contacted us with all of her concerns about Molly.

This is what she said in January 2021 about Molly –

“Molly is on a raw meat diet (Millie’s Wolfheart) but she is really struggling with itching and currently on monthly Apoquel tablets for pruritus but they aren’t doing any good which is one reason for us wanting to transition her to plant-based.

Molly the vegan Springer/Poodle

She is also on medication for seizures (Pexion) and due to a back injury, she walks less and is slightly overweight at 16kgs………But she loves meat and cheese if my daughter feeds her bits off her plate๐Ÿ˜”

She is quite lazy but likes to play piggy in the middle with us throwing a toy; she loves being off lead and sniffing around, play fighting with my husband, and no interest in a ball whatsoever.”

As Molly’s owner reached out to us and joined our Green Paws Package, we were able to offer her all the help we could with transitioning from raw onto a 100% balanced plant-based wholefood homecooked diet.

This is the latest update from Molly’s wonderful dedicated Mum –

“Hi, just an update on Molly. She’s having less seizures now on Pexion, and we’ve reduced the apoquel and she’s definitely itching less. She has a few health issues that will always need medication for life, but the change after 3 months of your diet in her weight, energy and lust for life is wonderful to see.
The big treats were always cheese but now it’s all about the blueberries!
I’m so glad, we really feel it’s the best money we’ve ever spent and terrific value. Martin cooks her food every Sunday and she helps by tasting as they go along.

Also, forgot to say we used to have to pay to have her anal glands expressed at least every 4-6 weeks at the vets, and she’s not needed it at all since we turned to your diet.”

What fantastic news for Molly as the dedication of her owners with homecooking for her have tranformed her quality of life.
We were thrilled to hear that Molly now weighs a healthy 14kgs when we asked for her weight to try our new recipes with our JUST BE KIND supplement, with her owner telling us that –

“She’s actually the lowest she’s been as an adult dog which is great news for her back injury.
She’s 14.1 kg!!! We were pleasantly surprised.
We’re so delighted as that’s all come off since changing to your food without effort โค๏ธ”

Listen to her wonderful inspiring words below and see the amazing homemade cake for Milly’s recent 8th birthday! ….

Molly the vegan Poodle/Springer
Molly the vegan Poodle/Springer
just be kind vegan dogs
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