Meet the most beautiful Loki the Vizsla who in his owner’s words ‘gives the most amazing hugs’ – see the end of the video with his wonderful Mum – we all need a Loki in our lives!

He loves his Solo Vegetal so much that his Mum uses them as ‘treats’ to lure him away from the window when he spots a squirrel as seen in the video! Her decision to turn him plant-based is based on choosing what she felt was best for his health – he has the shiniest coat and beautifully muscled physique.

When it came time to leave Loki alone, his Mum suffered with all the anxieties that we have as owners having to leave our pets just to go out.

She chose to leave him with a hummus-filled kong that, as you see from the dreamy look in his eyes in the photo, he just loves. See the recipe for his ‘doggy hummus’ below and listen to his Mum’s kind and wise words in the video.

Vizsla Loki eating doggy vegan hummus from his red Kong

heartDoggy Hummus Recipe that Loki loves

Drain a tin of chickpeas and in a blender mix the tinned chickpeas, 1 tsp sesame oil or 1 tsp tahini paste, some nutritional yeast and a tiny sprinkling of Supergreen Supplement to add in those extra amino acids including the valuable Tryptophan to calm your dog, and use to fill their Kong. Add a bit of plant-based milk if it has not formed enough of a paste.

Vegan Vizsla Loki as a pup
Vegan Vizsla Loki in snow
just be kind vegan dogs
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