We were using apple cider vinegar as one of the ingredients in our recipes and you may notice it in the images. The reason for choosing it was to reduce the alkalinity of the homecooked plant-based food.

An alkaline environment occurs in our elderly pets and in the intestines of dogs on a plant-based diet and it also reduces the levels of important nutrients that are absorbed such as Zinc, Vit D and Vit B.

Apple cider vinegar

We removed the addition of the apple cider vinegar from our recipes when our veterinary nutritionist who helped formulate the balance of ingredients, informed us that once cooked, the apple cider vinegar actually has the opposite effect of acidifying the food – it is broken down and actually becomes alkaline. We therefore do not recommend its addition to our recipes.


What will acidify the food?

Asparagus, peas, brown rice and lentils help to naturally acidify the urine and microbiome environment and these are some of the ingredients in our recipes.

If there is the concern about recurrent bladder infections in your dog and you have been monitoring their urine pH with a urinary dipstick and you’ve noticed that the pH is not the normal 5-6, but is more than 7 or 8, then we would advise the addition of cranberry powder sprinkled daily onto their food.

We use wild organic cranberry powder in our high nutrient treats, so making these Umameo treats may also benefit your dog if cystitis is a concern.

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