dog eating a raw carrot as part of his plant-based diet


There is evidence to prove that a plant-based diet that is properly balanced whether dry or homemade is kinder for your dog. With this evidence, it really doesn’t make sense as to why owners still choose a meat-based diet over a plant-based.


The 5 top reasons to choose a plant-based diet for your dog

heart1. Many people have observed health improvement in their dogs from properly balanced and supplemented plant-based dog food; particularly in regards to skin conditions and other allergic conditions. Many also report softer coats, increased energy and an improvement in behaviour.

heart2. Plant-based diets do not accumulate toxins at the same level that meat based ones do…when you feed animals to your dog, your dog is getting all of the toxins the body of that other animal accumulated over that animal’s lifetime.

heart3. A diet very high in proteins such as a raw meaty diet means that your dog will not live as long as high protein promotes ageing, while a plant-based diet benefits elderly dogs. Plant-based diets promote longevity as shown by Bramble who lived to a healthy 25 years of age and holds the record for the oldest dog in the UK.

heart4. It is ethically better, as it doesn’t require hundreds of other animals to die over the course of one favoured dog’s lifetime, just to keep your one pet alive.

heart5. You will sleep better at night as you are doing what is right to protect our fragile planet. A dog’s carbon footprint on a meat-based diet is the same as driving a 4×4 over a year!


If you have the option then why choose a meat diet?

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What is a MEET & TREAT?

What is a MEET & TREAT?

Making homemade vegan dog food or Umameo treats offers the perfect opportunity to make a difference in your community

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